11.15.2000 Special Memo and reminder concerning set-up of individual chapter dining tables and chambers.

Special Memo and reminder concerning set-up of individual Bombay Bicycle Club

Chapter's dining tables and chambers.

In the set up of your tables or special dining chambers remember the decorum of posting your menu on an easle so everyone will be able to examine what is being served and in particular the kinds of meat. Last year, as you may recall we had a Chapter from Malasia who had followed their tradition of calling porc by another name, so to fulfill the commandments of the Koran, but another Moslem was not aware of the custom in the Malaysian contingent and got upset when he discovered he had been eating a forbidden food. Always post the real name of the food so we won't have any disturbance during the meal.

Also those of you who post vegetarian menues please disclose whether any dishes had been cooked in pots which had contained meat.

Continue to follow the basic need of respecting that others are different and may not be aware of your traditions. This is particularly true of a Holly Roller who barged into the chamber of the contemplatives, disrupting their peace. Observe what is going on before you enter another room or join another table. We do encourage all chapters to freely join and commune with each other.