2/16/2008 The Twelfth Cave, searching the Copper Scroll Treasures


A portion of a map from the Eretz Israel/Palestine Collection, p. 45, Gallery Eretz-Hemdat, Yaakov Aviel Publisher


The 12th Cave
by Maravot


The Dead Sea Scrolls were found scattered over 11 caves at a place called Qumran, overlooking the Dead Sea.* What is interesting about the sect which hid the scrolls in the sand (following a scripture from Jeremiah), is that it viewed itself as the elect, heirs to receive the Messiah, following a promise in the book of Ezekiel, and called themselves the Sons of Zadok. Zadok was the priest who protected the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem whilst David was in exile, hiding in the hills of Judah. On the map above is a natural cave near Engedi where David stood over King Saul whilst he was sleeping. North of Engedi on this map is the Spelunca Lot. It too would be a natural cave, carved by a stream.


Notable on this map is the tower of Belah Zoar , which may be the ancient name of the ruins at Qumran. Other ancient maps show another Zoar situated inland from the Southeastern shore of the Dead Sea.


The Vallis Beracah ("Beracah" means "Blessing") noted on the map is where Jehoshaphat won his great victory (2 Chronicles 20.26).

As for the 12th Cave theory, because of the orientation of the writers of the Dead Sea Scrolls (to defend the Law of Moses), it is doubtful that they would not deal in numbers which are sacred to those who study the Law. The numbers 7, 12, 40, and 70 are all sacred numbers. Storing treasured manuscripts in just 11 caves just does not fit the scenario of a sect protecting the Holy Scriptures. A 12th cave should be nearby, probably up the wadi, which should contain the mother load. The Mother load should contain a complete set of the scriptures, including the Torah (5 books of Moses).


Mel West


* When this was written there were eleven caves. According to wikipedia.org there are now 15 caves.


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