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Ancient maps of Israel
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Welcome to Maravot's Copper Scroll Search:
Ancient maps of Israel & the secret of the Copper Scroll

These maps are from the collection of the Yaakov Aviel and Eretz Israel Collection.
Please open them through the Map Old Map of Judah.html.


This is a section of a map which shows the Dead Sea area and Bela Zoar

Map which shows the temples of Samaria and places where saints lived, etc.


This map focuses on the tribal cities


Please open the Old_Map_of Judah.html
Please open the Twelfth Cave.html, a larger version of this map, with commentary on why there should be a twelfth cave containing more Dead Sea Scrolls (scriptures) buried for about 2,000 years.
Please open Treasures_Copper_Scroll.html, with copy of the scroll and relevant, ancient maps.
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Please open the ancient description of the Holy Land by Roger Bacon, called Opus Maius
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