8.25.01 Welcome to the Bombay Bicycle Club, the oldest Men's Club in the world. A partial list of our museum artifacts.


Artifacts and Museum Pieces

Collected over the Centuries


This is an abbreviated list of categories left to the museum from former directors and members of the Bombay Bicycle Club:

Chariot and car collection dating from about 639 B.C. through the Crusades to the modern era.

Early printed matter including newspapers and books from around the world;

Precious jewelry and gems of all kinds, among which are sceptres and crowns, jeweled garments and swords and other weapons of war. Included in the collection is an embossed figure 8 shield from about 1,200 B.C. which contains ivory and gold inlays and the name "ULYSV" written on it.

Pottery and Ceramics from the tell of Ur and many sites in Palestine and Turkey collected before and during the Crusades and subsequent to the opening of the Silk Road;

Several rooms of artifacts collected from Egyptian tombs before the Napoleonic Wars;

A complete collection of Japanese artifacts from the opening of the Japanese trade in the 19th century; several items given from the Shoguns are included here.

A broad collection of Heraldic items from the period of the Crusaders and earlier. Includes weapons for both men and horse;

Precious documents between the kings of Europe and certain directors with regard to the disposition of Jerusalem;

Furnishings of all kinds, and all eras, including some rare Etruscan hand-me-down's collected by a knight of the Vandals during their sacking of Rome about 453 B.C. Some of the furnishings have a dedication imprint. One is "to Cornelius Cicero from Julius". If this is the famous philosopher Cicero then the authentication of the date and source of these rare furnishings is superb, since Cicero claimed to be of Etruscan lineage.

    Precious documents between the directors and Sulliman I and other potentates; some of these documents concern disputes over the sealing up of the Golden Gate in Jerusalem.

    Precious documents between the directors and an Indian potentate regarding his regrets over the battle of Kalinga;

    Anthropological and archeological gifts of all kinds;

    Artifacts of original inventions, including a partially preserved wing from a design of a flying device illustrated in DaVinci's designs, signed by DaVinci;

    Early spectacles;

    Early bioscopes and spectrometers and one unusual piece of radar;

    Coins from around the world; many in mint condition;

    Paintings., tile murals, etc. from around the world; this includes a controversial tile from Haggia Sophia;

    Pottery and gold pieces from the Mycenaean Civilization too numerous to count; this includes pottery from Mycenae. We show two rare pot sherds. I have drawn a reconstruction of the vase from which sherd "A" probably looked like. The arrow indicates its probable position. We have been looking for the rest of the pot for centuries.

    Bronzes from around the world. We have a large toe from a collosus found in the island of Rhodes. Gold from what appears to be the original contents of a box found by Schlieman at Troy but cannot be confirmed because the items seem altered;

    The napkin of Veronica given to Christ when he fell on the Via Delarosa and other Christian reliques and treasures, including a piece of the Cross at Calvary brought back by one of the early directors;

    A proof copy of Joinville & Villehardouin, Chronicles of the Crusades;

    Several old Bibles and Korans; an old copy of the Upanishads dating to about 540 B.C.; early Buddhist tantric documents from old Khurdistan.

Two rare pot sherds and a reconstruction of the pot from which sherd "A" may have come.

The list goes on, it will be a wonderful museum!

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Thanks for your patience and support!


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