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These Bombay Bicycle Club links to charities do not represent an endorsement of the charities by the Bombay Bicycle Club.

We recommend that you research the charities in which you are interested.


International Charities


http://www.ifrc.org/--International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
http://www.msf.org/--Medicins Sans Frontieres
http://www.oxfam.org/--Oxfam International. Oxfam International is an alliance of eleven independent non-governmental organizations committed to fighting poverty and related injustice around the world. Within a harmonised framework the Oxfams co-ordinate their programs in an attempt to achieve greater impact by their collective efforts.


U. S. Based Charities


http://www.redcross.org/-US Red Cross
http://www.care.org/--CARE. Their Mission Statement: "CARE's goal is to help families find long-term solutions to poverty. We also help communities prepare for and recover from emergencies. Ultimately, our programs aim to build self-sufficiency by helping families meet three basic needs: income, education, and health and population services. We target our efforts at the household level, often combining different types of interventions for a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of poverty."

http://www.directrelief.org/--Direct Relief. Quote from their Mission Statement: "Direct Relief is a non-profit medical assistance organization based in Santa Barbara, California. For more than fifty years, we have been sending shipments of medical supplies andequipment worldwide to help the victims of civil unrest, natural disasters and chronic poverty. Direct Relief ships more than $50 million dollars a year(wholesale value) in medical and pharmaceutical goods, and manages to do so with an exceptionally low administrative Direct Relief ships more than $50 million dollars a year(wholesale value) in medical and pharmaceutical goods, and manages to do so with an exceptionally low administrative overhead of less than five percent. We have sent medical assistance to 150 countries, including various areas of the United States."

http://www.doctorsoftheworld.org/--Doctors of the World-USA. Quote from their Mission Statement: "Since 1990, Doctors of the World-USA has provided medical and humanitarian assistance to those in the greatest need in more than 20 nations-- from the people of war-ravaged Kosovo to abandoned children in Russia to indigenous Indians in Chiapas to South Africans devastated by tuberculosis."

http://www.dwb.org/--Doctors without Borders. Quote from their Mission Statement: "Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is the world's largest independent international medical relief agency aiding victims of armed conflict,
epidemics, and natural and man-made disasters, and others who lack health care due to geographic remoteness or ethnic marginalization. The organization operates independently of all governments, institutions, political, economic, or religious influences. It depends on volunteer health professionals in fulfilling its mission."

http://www.globaldevelopment.org/--Global Development. Quote from their Mission Statement: "A small humanitarian agency at work in partnership with people who need help in building a peaceful, economically secure life."

http://www.imc-la.com/--IMC. Quote from their Mission Statement: "IMC is a private, voluntary, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization. Its mission is to mprove the quality of life through ihealth interventions and related activities that build local capacity in areas worldwide where few organizations dare to serve. By offering training and health care to local populations and medical assistance to people at highest risk, and with the flexibility to respond rapidly to emergency situations, IMC rehabilitates devastated health care systems and helps bring them back to self-reliance."

http://www.intrescom.org/--International Rescue Committee. Quote from their Mission Statement: "Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee (the IRC) is a leading nonsectarian, voluntary organization providing relief, protection and resettlement services for refugees and victims of oppression or violent conflict."

http://www.mercycorps.org/--Mercy Corps. Quote from their Mission Statement: "Mercy Corps is a not-for-profit organization that exists to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities. The agency's programs now reach 4 million people in more than 25 countries worldwide. With headquarters in the United States and Scotland, Mercy Corps is an international family of humanitarian organizations that includes Mercy Corps, Mercy Corps Scotland, Pax World Service in Washington, DC, Proyecto Aldea Global in Honduras, Proyecto Aldea Global Jinotega in Nicaragua, and MerciPhil Development Foundation in the Philippines. Since 1979, Mercy Corps has provided more than $500 million in assistance to 73 countries. The agency's fiscal year 2000 budget exceeds $100 million. Mercy Corps is known nationally and internationally for its quick-response, high-impact programs. Over 94 percent of the agency's resources are allocated directly to programs that help those in need."

http://www.unicefusa.org/--Unicef USA

http://www.give.org/--National Charities Information Bureau promoting informed giving since 1918.
http://www.give.org/links_info.cfm--This links page of the National Charities Information Bureau is a great links resource, on Catholic Charities, Jewish Charities, etc.

http://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org/--Catholic Charities USA

http://www.ujc.org/--United Jewish Communities


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