8.25.01 The Coveted Bombay Bicycle Club Drake Century Award





This is the coveted Bombay Bicycle Club Drake Century Award:

Close up of Last Year's Coveted Bombay Bicycle Club Drake Award. The contents of the award, according to the inheritance Drake initiated is to place the contents in the secret vault at our Cincinnati headquarters. After a century the contents will be examined and made public.

This year we will be opening the exciting contents of the last Century Award.

The Coveted Bombay Bicycle Club Award in situ. The present holder of the award has requested anonymity, so we can't tell you much about him. Those who attended last year's award ceremony will remember his touching story. He will be presenting this year's award to a very wonderful man.

This Year's Winner!

This year David Letterman has been nominated to receive the annual Bombay Bicycle Club's Drake Award. Shown is our publicity director's impression of what Dave will look like when receiving this prestigious award. The Odd Fellow's Temple in San Francisco has been selected as the site of our awards preview ceremony on or about December 12, 00. Contact your local chapter of the Bombay Bicycle Club to make your reservations. Act quickly since time is running out.

Historic 1950's photo of the Odd Fellows Hall in San Francisco courtesy of an odd fellow who provided this rare photo anonymously. The Odd Fellows have a tradition of wearing masks and thus initiated the practice in the early 1900's of supporting political leaders masked.

The Bombay Bicycle Club does not subscribe to the wearing of masks, however. Ties are permitted. Hats can be worn but only the broad-brimmed type with long black rain-coats or, alternatively, a highlander kilt with highlander colors true to the court of St. James.

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