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Bombay Bicycle Club Gossip

6.15.01 Everyone has been pressing me to publish the gossip around our clubs throughout the world. I will not be available because I will be working on the new museum. Someone else may post the gossip--after review by our staff of attorneys--if they have time.

6.16.01 With regard to the rumor that the Bombay Bicycle Club sells bicycles and bicycle parts, there is absolutely no truth to it. I know some members have been campaigning for the addition of this service, but it really would not fit our centuries' old image. Just because one of our directors in Bombay circa. 1906 rode a bicycle and had a hobby of running a bicycle repair shop, this is no foundation for an argument of today offering bicycles, parts, repair services etc.

Our directors were knights. They were horsemen, particularly through the Roman Empire. They have served the centuries well, acquired much wealth and left us a great legacy. Please let us not forget where we came from.

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Launched 6.16.01