1.17. 2005 Sample Etruscan Scripts and Alphabet
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Etruscan Phrases

by Mel Copeland
(from a work published in 1981)


Sample Scripts & Alphabet


A sample of my worksheet pages used to break down words, identify them with a locater number, and compare them to other like words in other scripts follows:


Please send me to N-1 through N405, Eugubine.html
Please send me to N406 through Q1, Eugubine.2html
Please send me to Q84-Q797ff, Eugubine3.html
Please send me to Script "R" : Eugubine4.html
Please send me over to Scripts2.html, containing Scripts F, G, H, & J
Please send me over to scripts which are primarily from tombs and tombstones: Miscellaneous_Scripts.html
Please send me over to the Pyrgi_Gold_Tablets.html
Please open the Divine_Mirror.html
Please send me to Uni_suckling_Heracles.html
Please open the Lemnos_Script.html
Please send me over to the Zagreb1.html
Please send me to the Tabula Cortonensis texts, Tabula_Cortonensis.html


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