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Translation of the
 Pyrgi Gold Tablet # 1


 th  K, ch
 u ,o  G, i  L


 G, I, F,V, O  G, I

V ,O



  S   S,Z  S  S




also interchanged with the V in the Zagreb Script



 L  B  b

(the loop is rare; see script PS)



 AE?  B  P  R  R  V, F, u, o  V,F,u  L  B  G


About the Translation:

This page has been updated with Work Notes on Bona Dea & the goddess Uni —
a survey of Etruscan & Latin texts relating to the Pyrgi Gold Tablets
document supplementing, "Work Notes on the Pyrgi Gold Tablets." Other works on "Etruscan Phrases" that have been updated via PDF files : Zagreb Mummy (see "Work Notes on the Zagreb Mummy." ), "Work Notes on the Tavola Cortonensis," "Work Notes on the Perugia Cippus," "Work Notes on the Magliano Disk" and "Work Notes on the Novilara Stele.” (PDF files), all of which are reconciled to one another. This latest change is based upon Etruscan GlossaryA.pdf developed from our Indo-European Table 1. After the series of Work Notes is completed, changes will be made to this page.

This is the first of three gold tablets found at Pyrgi. This tablet is harder to read than Pyrgi #2. The third gold tablet is written in Punic. Pyrgi #2 concludes as being a record of the "Controversy of Aph." See the Pyrgi_2 Translation.html for a description of her and the controversy. This is the third cut in translating this script, based upon the translations of the other scripts. The following is a translation, the details of which are below:

Au-1 THIA ( Θ ) TeMIA, Thia (name, perhaps based on Theia, a Titaness, daughter of Ge and Uranus, mother of Eos, Helius and Selene by brother Hyperion; possibly Dia, mother of Mercury, to you, your Maia, mother of Mercury, month of May she strikes, hits, he slays to us he has
Au-7 you go back, return or alternatively, the branch she carries, bears away, or alternatively, the grandmother of the day that/which
of the goddess Uni I weary T_ _S; of Remia, name of person or place
herself with me she whirls around/brandishes; she dreams/ponders
Au22 for the great [god] Janus, of salt/wisdom
Clovenias, name, I watch over, regard here, now
Au30 to us you advise, warn I say nothing Rufas, name, ruddy
to you merit what by that way you assemble / engage
Au39 he, she bears/endures himself, herself the born/birth because or alternatively, which
she possess of the heart/judgment of the grain the thesis or alternatively, you composed you love
the Italians by that way you assemble/come together to the rock
Au53 born
and indeed or alternatively, but, yet, moreover of the kidneys the flint, rock
to the magistrate's seats Italian related by males
Au61 the lord, lords of Itanim; of the festival of Hera
I sail, convey she lives, posseses the vineyard by which way
the controversy you performed

 Au-1 THIA ( Θ ) Te MIA ICA Ce HE [Translation: Thia (name, perhaps based on Theia, a Titaness, daughter of Ge and Uranus, mother of Eos, Helius and Selene by brother Hyperion; possibly Dia, mother of Mercury (L. Dia-ae) to you, your (L. te) Maia, mother of Mercury, month of May (L. Maia-ae) she strikes, hits, he slays (L. icio or ico, ici, ictum) to us (It. ce) he has (L. habeo-ere)]

Au-7 RAMAS AVA (AFA) TIE KE [Translation: you go back, return (L. remeo-are) or alternatively, the branch (L. ramus-i, m.) she carries, bears away (L. aveho-vehere) or alternatively, the grandmother (L. avia-ae) of the day (L. m. dies-ei) that/which (It. che)]

Au-13 VNIA LAS T _ _SREMIA [Translation: of the goddess Uni (Uni, Unia, gen.) I weary (lasso-are ) T_ _S; of Remia, name of person or place]

Au-17 SA MEK RVTA RE8AR (R from Au22) [Translation: herself; (L. se, sese) with me (It. mecco) she whirls around/brandishes (L. roto-are); she dreams/ponders (Fr. rever)]

Au-22 (R) PEIFEL IANVS SAL [Translation: for the (It. pei) great (Fel) [god] Janus, of salt/wisdom (L. sal, salis)]

Au-27 CLVFENIAS TVR IC [Translation: Clovenias, name, I watch over, regard (L. tuor or tueor, tueri; Scott, tuir, to delore; Gr. Theoro) here, now (L. hic [and heic], hice; It. qui; Fr. ici)]

Au-30 CE MVNIS TAS RVFAS [Translation: to us (It. ce) you advise, warn (L. moneo, monere, monui, monitum) I say nothing (L. taceo-ere-itum); Rufas, name, ruddy (L. rufus-a-um, red, ruddy)]

Au-34 TA MERES CA ILA CFE [Translation: to you (L. ta) merit (L. mereo-ere) what (L. quae or qua) by that way (L. illa) you assemble/engage (L coeo-ire-ivi-itum)]

Au-39 TVLERA SE NAC CI AFI [Translation: he, she bears/endures (L. tolero-are) himself, herself (L. se, sese); the born/birth because (L. quia) or alternatively, which (It. chi)]

Au-43 LKVR FAR TESI AME IT (IT on next line) [Translation: L (AFIL) she possess (L. habeo-ere-ui-itum) of the heart/judgment (L. cor, cordis) of the grain (L. far, farris) the thesis (L. thesis-is; It. f. tesi, Fr. f. thèse) or alternatively, you composed (L. texo-texere; It. tesere; Fr. tisser) you love (L. amo-are; Fr. imp. aimait)]

Au-48 (IT)ALEILA CFEAL SASE [Translation: the Italians (L. Itali-orum and -um, the Italians; Italia-ae, Italy; adj. Italicus and Italus-a-um, Italian; adj. Italis-idis) by that way (L. illa) you assemble/come together (L. coeo-ire-ivi-itum); to the (It. al) rock (It. sasso, m. stone, pebble, rock)]

Au-53 NACAT RANES SILAC [Translation: born (L. nascor-i) and indeed (L. ac, atque) or alternatively, but, yet, moreover (L. at [ast]) of the kidneys (L. renes-um, m. pl.) the flint, rock (L. silex-icis; It. silice; Fr. silex)

Au-57 AL SELE ITALAACNASF [Translation: to the (It. al) magistrate's seats (L. sellae-e) Italian (L. Italus-a-um); related by males (L. agnatio-onis)]

Au-61 ERSITANIM HERAM [Translation: the lord, lords (L. erus-i) of Itanim; of the festival of Hera (L. Heraea-orum, n. pl. Hera)]

Au-64 FEAFILFNIA CA PVL [Translation: I sail, convey (L. veho, vehere) she lives, posseses (L. habeo-ere); the vineyard (L. vinea - ae, f.) by which way (L. qua) (PVL belongs with Au68)]

Au-68 (PVL)VMeK FAI [Translation: the controversy (It. polemica; Fr. polémique) you performed (It. fare; fai, 2nd person sing. indicative]

IIF (seems to be an initial) (Script updated 9.03.06)





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