10.20.11  Index to Table 1, Etruscan etymological relationships to other Indo-European languages

Indo-European Table 1, Index

by Mel Copeland
(from a work published in 1981)

This Index facilitates navigation through Table 1. Since Table 1 will grow as the Etruscan vocabulary expands based upon new findings, we have prepared this Index, making it easier to cross reference individual words to their Table 1 entry. To view the most current word list with their locations see Etruscan Phrases etruscan_glossaryA.xlsx.

Names of family, mother, father, etc. & numbers; "a" through "brutosy"
Part 2 - ca through ceto (CETV)
Table 1A
Part 3 - Chaina through evalta (E8ALTA or E  8ALTA)
Table 1A.1
Part 4 - fac through itis, iton
Table 1A.2
Part 5 - la through meva (ME8A) Table 1B
Part 6 - mi through piviato (PI8IATV) Table 1.B.1
Part 7 - plano through reva (RE8A) Table 1C
Part 8 - ri through semenies Table 1.C.1
Part 9 - senata through suvera (SV8ERA) Table 1D
Part 10 - ta, te, ti, tu  through tuto Table 1E
Part 11 - ok (VK) through vra (8RA) Table 1F,G

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